Winners of the third Arabian Business StartUp Awards

The best businesses, individuals and institutions from across the regional start-up ecosystem were honoured on Monday at the third annual Arabian Business StartUp Awards.

StartUp Awards 2015 shortlist announced

Arabian Business StartUp magazine is delighted to announce the shortlisted candidates for each of the 14 categories of the Arabian Business StartUp Awards 2015.

How does the Middle East feel about Trump's comments?

CNN’s Becky Anderson speaks with four students in Abu Dhabi about what they make of the Republican rhetoric and how they see the race for the White House.

CNN Transcript of Connect the World with Becky Anderson

Aired December 16, 2015 – 11:00   ET


[11:00:12] BECKY ANDERSON, CNN HSOT: After the fireworks, life in Las Vegas where the spoke has cleared from the Republican presidential debate.

NYU Abu Dhabi student reaches out to young entrepreneurs via online magazine

It all started with a 2am text message from a student in Abu Dhabi to another in Stockholm.

“Yo, let’s start a magazine,” it read.

‘Very hot idea’ nets University of Sharjah students Dh92,000 prize

The runner-up, the Hydrotech Cleaning Solutions team from New York University Abu Dhabi, took home US$10,000 for their invention, inspired by the Namib Desert beetle.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

The 3rd Arabian Business Achievement Awards recently celebrated the UAE’s most impressive achievers in the growing startup and small-medium business sector. NYUAD student Mohamed Amine Belarbi (Class of 2016) was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Creative Solution Inspired by the Namib Desert Beetle

What can an industrious beetle that is found in some of most arid parts of Africa teach the Middle East about solar power? According to a trio of NYU Abu Dhabi students who have taken second place in the Siemens Student Award Competition, plenty.

NYUAD Presents Inaugural Al Khayr Student Leadership Awards

Besides attending classes, NYU Abu Dhabi students devote hours each week to conducting student organization meetings, coordinating community service projects, and leading other initiatives to better the lives of their peers and members of the Abu Dhabi community. In late April, our students took a brief pause from their various endeavors to celebrate their leadership contributions at the first annual Al Khayr Student Leadership Awards Gala.

Sophomore Student Speaks at TEDx Talk in France

Spring break on college campuses typically means travel with friends or simply trying to catch up on much-needed rest. But for NYU Abu Dhabi sophomore Mohammed Amine Belarbi, spring break 2014 was spent delivering a lecture – to a global online audience.

NYUAD Team Wins Resolution Fellowship During Clinton Global Initiative

Addressing an issue near and very dear to their hearts, NYU Abu Dhabi junior Clive Miranda and freshman Mohamed Amine Belarbi recently participated in the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) 2013, held earlier this month at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Their proposal was not only keenly heard by a distinguished audience of leading professionals, renowned global figures, and future leaders, but also awarded a Resolution Fellowship in The Resolution Project’s Social Venture Challenge — run in conjunction with CGIU — which was designed to support student-launched social ventures that are sustainable and have measurable impact.

VUL9 Security Solutions: How A Startup Is Trying To Build A Safer Cyberspace In The Middle East

Ashley Madison, Sony, the US government, Iran Nuclear Centrifuges and ARAMCO facilities in Saudi Arabia. These are just a few of the high profile targets that have been hacked in the past and that reminds us all how vulnerable the cyberspace is. But asides from the stories that make it to the front page of the New York Times, there are billions of hack attacks taking place all year long, every hour, every minute, every second.

Unleash 2016 Speakers Spotlight: Mohamed Amine Belarbi

23 years old. Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Gulf Elite, Business Arabi and VUL9 Security Solutions. Awarded “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” 2015

8 Reasons Why You Should Attend UNLEASH This Year In Madrid

Well first things first! UNLEASH will take place in Madrid (Yes, Spain); one of the most dynamic capitals in the world where the best of sports, culture, and innovation merges to create the most dynamic hotspot in Europe. A place where you can visit historic European monuments in the morning, get a taste of enriching Spanish cuisine in the afternoon and end the day by gazing at the greatest football teams in the world dominate the field. (Hint: I’m a big Real Madrid fan!)

Arabian Business StartUp Awards 2015: Meet the UAE’s Finest Entrepreneurs

As the importance of entrepreneurship continues to grow across the region, Arabian Business StartUp once again celebrates the success of those who have stood out from the crowd.

World Economic Forum Global Shapers Profiles: Mohamed Amine Belarbi

The Global Shapers Profiles section will help introduce the Global Shapers active in the UAE, their backgrounds and initiatives aimed at catalysing positive change within their communities.

When Social Entrepreneurship Becomes The Best Type of Feminism: Meet Alpaca Inc.

We’re all too accustomed to the image of businesses and corporations being evil institutions sucking every possible profit out of people and countries. Whether it is Wall Street or the greedy multinationals setting sweatshops around the world, the realities of today’s corporate landscape are far from being ideal.

UWC Red Cross Nordic: Mohamed Amine Belarbi (’10 -’12)

Mohamed Amine Belarbi has been involved and engaged since graduating in 2012. From RCN he went straight to New York University in Abu Dhabi where he is not only successfully pursuing his studies but is also something of a serial entrepreneur, having founded two NGOs and two businesses. His entrepreneurship-focused publication, Gulf Elite has 40,000 readers a month, and his Arabic publication, Business Arabi has 30,000 readers in the region. He also founded the ‘Opportunities for Students‘ facebook group, which has 49,000 international student members where opportunities – for internships, competitions, conferences, scholarships and more – are shared for the benefit of a worldwide student population.

ALU: 10 Change Leaders Who You Should Know

So, we put our heads together and put this list together with the hopes of spreading some inspiration along the way.

Some of these individuals you may know, some you may not. Our primary goal was to highlight those who have fearlessly stepped out to launch a new program, initiative, business or idea designed to make a difference in the world or community around them.

Generación Pangea: los jóvenes que liderarán el mundo

Sólo con sus CV podríamos llenar estas dos páginas. Pertenecen a la generación «millennial». Por el hecho de ser jóvenes, todos ellos se han sentido discriminados. Y, aunque se ven más como «inspiradores» que como líderes, están llamados a guiar a las futuras generaciones. 

Entrepreneurial Journey: An Interview with Mohamed Amine Belarbi (Great News Mag)

You can imagine me as a true book-nerd in my childhood because as a kid my mind was always overwhelmed with schoolwork, and I was in a constant state of struggle to make my family happy with my academic grades. My childhood was spent here in morocco until I reached the age of 17. I was no different than any other Moroccan children, and like most of them I never thought about anything else except going into engineering and sciences. Entrepreneurship came to me as a surprise because as a child I didn’t have an understanding of what entrepreneurship was,so it is a shock for me too that now I am running multiple startups and being featured as a speaker at entrepreneurship conferences and so on.

"Done Is Better Than Perfect": Meet Mohamed Amine Belarbi (The New Quo)

The “what to do in life” conversation usually starts at the rambunctious age of 6 for most people, when first graders scribble on career assignments that they’re going to be a “fiyah fiter” or “noorse” when they grow up (sound it out spelling at it’s finest).

ADU Technopreneur Competition Winners

Award for the three winners is seed funding and incubation for a period of six months to develop the prototype of the product and the detailed business plan, in addition ADU Enterprise will offer technical and business mentoring and coaching.

Tamakkan: The Path to Successful Entrepreneurship

Tamakkan successfully held its second seminar session of 2015 entitled: “The Path to Successful Entrepreneurship” wherein all attendees ranging from startups to big time CEOs were given helpful insights on the latest trends regarding the business scene within the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the seminar also focused on success stories of businesspersons within the country.

The entrepreneur within us: Mohamed-Amine Belarbi at TEDxMinesNancy

Mohamed-Amine Belarbi shows how, with an entrepreneurial spirit, it is possible to act in many domains from humanitarian to business and from politics to sci…
Added Apr 8, 2014

Plywood car painted using drones (Khaleej Times)

During this programme, students were mentored by experts working in the fields of logo design, drones design, 3D printing among others.

My Encounter with the Co-Founder of Gulf Elite Magazine (Christine Souffrant)

In the past, the members of society who made history were our monarchs, governments and renaissance inventors. Yet in this day and age, the history makers are the entrepreneurs with a bold aspiration to make their mark on the world. What’s more inspiring, is that the younger they are, the bolder their approach. A recent encounter reinforced this perspective for me. I had the pleasure meeting Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger, Cosmopolite and Public Speaker, Mohamed Amine Belarbi last month who blew me away with his entrepreneurial passions. Despite his current status as an undergraduate student at NYU Abu Dhabi, I must say that on first meeting him you probably would forget this detail.

Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation Press Release

As part of the INNOVATOR 2016 show held on Abu Dhabi Corniche between 3–4 March, 19 students of the recent Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF) INNOVATOR programme unveiled their final product: a life-size 3D  plywood car designed by Mohammed Al Hashimi, Emirati car designer.

Students make AMENDS for a better Middle East

The American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at California’s Stanford University (AMENDS) is a student-led initiative that enables young change agents from across the Middle East, North Africa, and United States to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and, through Ted-style talks, broadcast their experiences and learn from each other. This is a story about a platform for sharing stories that prompt positive change.

Stanford: AMENDS 2015 Delegates

Our mission is to facilitate a platform for promising youth leaders working from across the Middle East, North Africa and the United States to maximize their initiatives by providing them access to opportunities for developing key skills, networking with established leaders and sharing their initiatives with a larger audience.

Coloquio presentación libro Pangea

Tomás Belón, André Leonardo, Katia Gómez, Mohamed Amine Belardi y Pablo González Ruiz de la Torre

Resolution Announces CGI U SVC Winners

Congratulations to our newest SVC winners:

Naveed Ahmed, Mohamed Amine Belarbi, Maryli Cheng, Sarah Cox, Prachiti Dalvi, Pranali Dalvi, Melissa Diamond, Dina Duré, Chad Fraga, Katie Guidera, Michael Gwede, Pablo Henning, Jim Jin, Aseya Kakar, Swetha Kotamraju, Jacquelin Meremable, Shilpa Mokshagundam, Linda Nkosi, Michael O’Connor, Michael Pereira, Brett Perl, Derrius Quarles, Sahadev Rai, Jesal Shah, Chazz Sims, Molly Simon, Daniel Sopdie, Sarah Van Buren, and Jose Saul Vasquez. Driving Innovation Through Collaboration

In the lead up to INNOVATOR Show 2016, INNOVATOR programme has collaborated with a number of local organizations to inspire home-grown UAE talent to create and innovate. An integral part of INNOVATOR programme, the INNOVATOR Show is an annual interactive event that enables UAE innovators to showcase their work and network with like-minded enthusiasts.


The three winners of the Khalifa Fund Techno-preneur Competition have been awarded Dh15,000 each for transforming their innovative ideas in to reality and supporting the UAE’s quest to become a knowledge-based economy.


Hey guys! If you didn’t already feel bad enough about yourself, be sure to catch today’s episode! We speak with guest Mohamed Amine Belarbi, a super-entrepreneur with 5 enterprises (3 companies+ 2 other things you’ll never be able to achieve), about what he feels people should know about starting a company and creating your “own value”. Did I mention he was on TEDx?

La 2 Noticias: Presentado por Mara Torres

Informativo de cierre de La 2 que se acerca a la actualidad desde un prisma muy particular. ”La 2 Noticias” rompe la estructura de los clásicos telediarios y se hace eco de noticias sociales, culturales y de ciencia y ofrece entrevistas.